Sunday 5 October 2014


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Monday 7 July 2014

IDEA 3G New Working Trick 2014

IDEA 3G working trick 2014

This Trick is invented by Yogendra Singh (Me).
I have confirmed it in all over east U.P (Lucknow) i don't know about other state just try and and Give Your reviews Thank You!

NOTE :-This is not a free trick it just gives you 1GB of 3G data of Rps 250 in just Rps 129.

                                           The Trick :

1. Recharge your number with RS: 129 (special recharge)

2. Now in your data account balance will be 1024MB. (Check using *131*3# )

3. Insert your sim in the blackberry mobile and register on Host Routing Table.

4. You will get the conformation as the pack is activated now download something in that blackberry mobile only (can download a app) .

5. Then remove sim and insert it in your mobile /PC/Modem .

6. Surf Net by using "" APN.

Monday 31 March 2014

WhatsApp For PC/laptop Download & Run

Whatsapp is a standout amongst the most well known messanger accessible for cell phones, be it Android cell phone, ios blackberry os, symbian , or Windows cell phone. It got mainstream informing gadget on android stage when Indian government connected a point of confinement of 20 every day SMS from a solitary SIM. There are various messangers accessible in android application store, however Whatsapp is the complete bundle.

whatsapp for pc download

A few characteristics like capacity to send and get documents, features, photographs, and messages from one cell phone to different settles on it extremely evident decision. Indeed telecom organizations have taken off unique arrangements to utilize Whatsapp on your versatile, simply get a whatsapp energize and you will have the capacity to utilize it without any web plan for an entire month.

What Do you need?????

* Android App Player

Now -a -days There are Two most Famous android app player are available on internet.
Download any above one, as per best with your system configuration. 

Steps For Installation.....

Step 1) Download Android app player

  • As a matter of first importance download Bluestacks App Player  ( on the off chance that you have a 2 GB RAM, it is allowed to download ) or YouWave App Player (in the event that you don't have a 2 GB RAM, it aims to get free trial) for your OS.

Step 2) Install Android app player

  •  Now just install Bluestacks or YouWave App Player.

Step 2) Install Android app player

  •  Now  Download and Install WhatsApp either from Google Play Store OR Download whats app apk file from this Link. (click here) 

Running WhatsApp on a Windows OR Mac PC/Laptop.

I am certain you must have downloaded whatsapp on your PC at this point taking after the steps I let you know in past trap. Right away now is the ideal time to utilize it, utilizing it is as basic as downloading it. 

  1. Open Bulestacks or Youwave App Player on your PC (what ever you have downloaded). 
  2. Now tap on WhatsApp Icon.
  3. voila ,now you can utilize Whats App on Pc.

If you are not able to download whatspp on your pc utilizing this trap verify you either subscribe our blog for overhauls or leave a remark underneath with the goal that we can slove your issue.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Extract source code from an APK file

Procedure for decoding .apk files, step-by-step method:

Step 1:

Make a new folder and put .apk file in it (which you want to decode). Now rename the extension of this .apk file to .zip (eg.: rename from filename.apk to and save it. Now you get classes.dex files, etc. At this stage you are able to see drawable but not xml and java files, so continue.

Step 2:

Now extract this zip apk file in the same folder (or NEW FOLDER). Now download dex2jar from this link and extract it to the same folder (or NEW FOLDER). Now open command prompt and change directory to that folder (or NEW FOLDER). Then write dex2jar classes.dex and press enter. Now you get classes.dex.dex2jar file in the same folder. Then download java decompiler from and now double click on jd-gui and click on open file. Then open classes.dex.dex2jar file from that folder. Now you get class files and save all these class files (click on file then click "save all sources" in jd-gui) by src name. At this stage you get java source but the xml files are still unreadable, so continue.

Step 3:

Now open another new folder and put these files
  1. put .apk file which you want to decode
  2. download apktool v1.x AND apktool install window (both can be downloaded at the same location) and put in the same folder
  3. download framework-res.apk file and put in the same folder (Not all apk file need framework-res.apk file)
  4. Open a command window
  5. Navigate to the root directory of APKtool and type the following command: apktool if framework-res.apk
  6. apktool d "fname".apk ("fname" denotes filename which you want to decode)
now you get a file folder in that folder and now you can easily read xml files also.

Step 4:

It's not any step just copy contents of both folder(in this case both new folder)to the single one
and now enjoy with source code...

Sunday 27 October 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 : Why It Is A Bad Deal Right Now ?

With one of the most amazing Fanfare, arrived the New Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera-Focused Mobile telephone. You know the portable that has 41 Mega-Fuck**g-Pixel Camera and is said to be the grandest amusement changer Nokia has carried to table since Nokia N95.

Yet we directly feel that it is not worth the inconvenience, why ?

Lets Find Out :

Nokia Lumia 1020 Specs : 

Screen : 4.5" Amoled Wxga (1280x768
Working System : Windows Phone 8
Processor : 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon S4.
Memory : 2 Gb Ram And 32 Gb Internal Storage.
Polaroid Resolution : 41 Megapixel Camera Giving 7712 x 5360 Res.
Estimating : 700 $ (45,000 Rupees )

In-Detail Specs About The Camera :

The Nokia Pure View 41 Mp Polaroid with optical picture stabilization with Xenon streak for still pictures and Led glimmer for film is likely one heck of a Polaroid. No portable in history has this much Mega Pixel and characteristics, And it is consummately fit to catch Pics around evening time, due to its 41 Mp sensor that uses Zeiss optics with six lenses (yupp 6 Lenses ) that process the picture flawlessly.

It Has 41 Mega-Pixel, I'm Sure It Click's The Best Pictures : 

Ok, The Classic Rumor. The More The Pixel, The Better The Pictures Are. I'm sad fellows, however Mega-Pixels Doesn't verify the photograph quality, The Sensor Does.

In Fact, If you stuff overabundance pixels in ordinary Pictures, The Pic might itself come to be crappy. How ? Pressing a bigger sensor with more than three times the amount of pixels doesn't make as better photographs: littler pixels gather less light, which exacerbates picture quality. The thing is, Nokia doesn't generally need you to utilize the full determination of its sensor.for Regular Pictures it utilizes 5 Super Pixels.

Have you known about the expression "Ultra-Pixel" ? It states that the more huge the pixels are, the better the photograph quality might be. What's more it is correct, As A Ultra-Pixel Absorbes more information than the Mega-Pixel, And More Data Means More Clear Image. It was as of late demonstrated by Htc One.

The Nokia Lumia Itself utilizes 5 Super-Pixels for typical quality photograph shoots.

                                      Htc One(left) 4 Ultra Pixel And Nokia Lumia 920 (Right) 8 Mega Pixel.
                                                                                The difference is noticeable.

So What Are The Uses Of 41 Mp And 5 Super-pixels ? 

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Has 2 Main Picture Clicking Modes : Normal And Zoom.

The point when utilizing the ordinary ( 5 Super-Pixel ) mode, your portrait will be top notch provided that you need to click picture where you would prefer not to zoom, for instance : Portraits and Close Range Pics. The 5 Super-Pixel is proportionate to 34 Mega-Pixels (give or take).

Yet When Clicking Large Pictures (like Mountains or Sky scrappers), You would clearly need to zoom, And that is the place the 41 Mega-Pixel Comes energetically. The primary utilitarian purpose behind utilizing more modest (denser) sensor pixels is that it permits an entire new approach to computerized zoom. Rather than editing into pictures, as standard computerized zooms do, theaweber blogger Lumia 1020 can 'trim into' the sensor to accomplish what Nokia calls lossless zoom. It implies you can Zoom to some far away puts without having busted picture. What's more to control that zoom alternative, Nokia has included a parchment catch that gives you a chance to zoom in or out easily.

Enough About The Camera, What Else ? 

The primary shortcoming of this mobile is that it utilizes Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Os, And to the extent that i cherish Windows Phone Os, i would rather not say that this versatile might be much better with Android running on it. The Windows Phone has 160,000 Application in the store while the adversaries (ios, Android) offer upto 5 times more than that. Be that as it may the advancement rate is still high for Windows Phone Os, so don't surrender your trust yet ! 

Additionally the electric storage device endures up-to 8-9 utilization hours, which is normal for today's mobiles however still, they could have improved it. 

The Display is very astounding, Its Responsive, Colorful and Bright. Viewing motion pictures are enjoyment on this 4.5-inch Amoled Puremotion Hd+ show with a 1,280x768-pixel Hd show and a 16:9 viewpoint degree screen. 

The remote charging alternative is absent in Lumia 1020, why ? In light of the fact that the Big-ass lens consumed all the room on the back spread.

 The Screen Is Bright And Colorful, No Matter what You'll Fall enamored with it.
Outline : 

Much the same as each other Lumia telephone, The Nokia 1020 is smooth, attractive and wonderful . It has an exceptional hold and smear free screen. The front of the telephone is generally secured by the screen. On the back board, We have an enormous ass sensor shed. It's tremendous and has a knock, however doesn't impact the looks of the versatile.

This versatile may not be the execution beast however it outperforms in outlining part !

Recollect Nokia Pureview 808 ? 

The more seasoned Nokia Pureview 808 was the first cellular telephone to have a 41mp Camera, It had Symbian working framework with 1.3ghz processor and memory expandable up to 32gb. Furthermore gave us a chance to let you know fellows, The Nokia Pureview 808 Has preferred Picture Quality over the New Nokia Lumia 1020. Also its a considerable measure shabbier and has an executioner Battery reinforcement.

Wassup About Sony Honami ?

The Sony Corporation says that the Sony Xperia "Honami" Polaroid telephone will don a full Hd showcase measured 5 inches slantingly, while being controlled by the strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with four Krait 400 centers timed at 2.3 Ghz and Adreno 320 Gpu. Obviously, Being a Polaroid telephone it has a 20 megapixel Polaroid, and since we will be managing a part of the Cybershot tribe we may additionally appear some inventive characteristics for the Polaroid application. Likewise it is continuously said that the sensor of sony Honami is superior to the Nokia Lumia 1020, which implies better pictures. The Nokia is no match for the outline of Sony mobiles. Likewise the Hardware of Sony Honami is 2 Times more compelling than the Nokia Lumia 1020.   Sony Honami : Can Lumia 1020 Compete With This                                                                                                                                                        Android Monster ?

So Here you go , Now assuming that you need to purchase The Best Camera Phone, Go with Pureview 808, If You need something present day and capable, hold up at some point for the launch of Sony Honami. Provided that you need a Monster Polaroid, Go for a Nikon D5200, Its Cheaper Than Nokia 1020 And Has Better Picture Quality. Anyhow If you need to purchase an "Expensive" Windows Camera Phone with an extraordinary screen, Nokia Lumia 1020 Is Made For You.

Nokia Lumia 2520 first tablet

Over at its Abu Dhabi Keynote Nokia discharged its first slate named Lumia 2520. The tablet runs on the Windows Rt, has a 10.1″ Fullhd show a Snapdragon 800 chipset and accompanies a mixed bag of shade choices – dark, blue, white and red. The cost before subsidies will be $499.
Without avoiding the issue, the 2520 is (as I would see it) a stunning item; and in spite of the fact that i'm not a fanatic of Rt; here's the reason for me its still worth a purchase.

What got me first was the screen of the 2520 and the astonishing review edges, while it was being put forth on stage (and pointed far from me) I could even now see each portion and tile on the screen, and make out everything that was going on. In addition its a full Hd 1080p screen with the astonishing Nokia Cbd engineering and more.

On account of the Snapdragon 800 chipset, the Lumia 2520 additionally emphasizes worldwide Lte connectivity. The figure has diminished edges energetic about better taking care of and weighs 615 g. The Polaroids are 2 Mp on the front for motion picture calling and a 6.7 Mp with F/1.9 Zeiss optics on the back. Inside Nokia figured out how to crush in a 8,000 mah electric cell and 32 Gb of space, which is expandable through the microsd card opening. 

There are microusb 3.0 and Hdmi ports on the tablet figure with Nfc and Gps going ahead board as well. There won't be a Wi-Fi just variant of the slate, which appears coherent as the Snapdragon 800 Soc has joined Lte on every last bit of its variants. 

The Power Keyboard, which will take and extra $150, overlap over the showcase of the Lumia 2520 tablet and connects to it by means of attractive fold. It weighs 150 g, has two Usb ports and a 15 Whr electric storage device inside, which guarantees to include 5 hours of electric cell life.

iphone 5s And iphone 5c Ready To Replace iphone 5 ?

                                                                             New iPhone 5S And 5C, Coming Soon !
"The point when is the following iphone turning out?" "Should I hold up for the following iphone or just get one now?" "And why might I need the following iphone to read my finger impression?". These are a portion of the most wanted inquiries at this point from the year. Why ? On the grounds that For as long as two years, Apple has discharged another iphone in September, which implies that large groups are getting ready for a since a long time ago expected overhaul.

This time its set to be Extra-Special, Because Apple will be revealing Not One, But Two new iphones, The iphone 5s And iphone 5c.

So lets' discover whats new in these iphone's :

iPhone 5S :

Consistent with different sources, the iphone 5s will have a fundamentally the same outline to the iphone 5, however the affirmed progressions are :                                                                                                                                                           Fingerprint Sensor : 

Siri was the Highlighted characteristic in iphone 4s, And in iphone 5s, Many sources affirm that the Circular Home Button will have a joined Fingerprint Sensor. Furthermore there's all the more supporting proof for this. A year ago Apple purchased "Authentec", a bio-measurements onlooker and portable security results organization, and an organizer called "biometrickitui" was as of late discovered in the ios 7 programming code. 

Enhanced Camera And Processor : 

Intense the fittings specs have not been affirmed, Two things have been verified that'll get a redesign, The Camera And Processor.  The telephone will have another form of Apple's processor (probably the A7), which will commonly be speedier and more productive, expanding the electric cell life. The Polaroid will have an improved blaze and sensor for taking better photographs .

Gold Color : 

The iphone 5s will arrive in another color, The Gold. It will join the present shades : Black And White. Intense a few sources say that The iphone Gold will look truly increasingly like Champagne Golden Color. There have been sure sentiment about Apple presenting new color for iphone, Majority Says it takes away the exhausting 2-tone shade topic. 

While some individuals give negative sentiment like : iphone has the trademark subject of two color, Now there is no distinction between iphone's and Nokia's Phones.

Graphite Color :

In the event that you suspected that the iphone 5s might be accessible in just 3 shades, Think Again. The most recent photographs of iphone 5s recommends the new iphone Might hit the business sector with new color theme.based on the photographs, it shows up the new ash tone will blanket the back plate and the sides telephone while the face will remain dark. 

Bits of gossip Regarding iphone 5s : Maybe True, Maybe False : 

 iphone 5s may start with a few diverse screen sizes. 

Could Be accessible in 128 Gb Version. 

Might Have A Nfc Scanner. 

Have ios 7.

The iPhone 5C :

Modest Plastic Body : 

iphone 5c Isn't only modest on valuing, its shoddy on the assemble quality as well. In place of having an aluminium form like iphone 5, iphone 5c is set to be in a Plastic Body. At the same time don't stress, It may not be that shabby sort of plastic you find on Samsung mobiles, It is a Strong,durable and engaging  plastic. Which is not set to be a dealbraker for the iphone partners. 

Siri Says "No" : 

Fruit has chosen not to give iphone 5c the trademark aide, Siri, once quite bludgeoned, yet which went ahead to obtain a greatly cherished vicinity in the lives of iphone clients, costs Apple Inc. cash, loads of it, as appeals and summons are all tracked through a server farm. By discarding Siri on the iphone 5c, Apple holds its cost down, the profits of which will then be passed on to customers as a shabbier telephone. 

Exceptional Hardware : 

iphone 5c is accepted to be running the most recent ios 7, having 1gigs of Ram, 8 mega-pixel Polaroid and 1.7 megapixel front Polaroid. It will be accessible in standard 8,16,32 and 64 Gb Storage memory. 

Bits of hearsay : Heard, however not Confirmed : 

Double Core Cpu. 

4-Inch Screen with  a determination of 640x1136 pixels. 

Adjust Lens With Twin Led Flash. 

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